We are an

Inclusive Human
Resource Consultant


Since 2017,
“Merit Based Inclusivity”

Mind Assets is a tech startup which focuses on providing online digital job opportunities to people with disabilities so that physical infrastructure is not a barrier to starting a career. We aim to connect organizations to candidates, with potential, and help them to navigate challenges to get the best job opportunities.

Established in 2017, Mind Assets is focused on introducing “Merit-Based Inclusivity” in India. Observing the Founder’s own life, we believe that offering the right opportunity is the first requirement for a truly Inclusive India.

The only disability in today's world is slow internet.

- Maitri Shah

We are a strong believer that Inclusivity & Wealth Creation should go hand in hand for candidates, employers and society. According to reports, there are 7 million i.e. 70 lac job seekers, with a disability, in India. That is almost the same as the population of Thailand! Looking at the numbers from that point of view, we are in a position to really understand the need for ensuring that wealth creation and inclusivity should go hand in hand!

Our Founder Miss Maitri Shah on TedX at Serene Meadows, Nashik in 2020

Our Business

Stand Out From The Rest


Our Mission

To connect 'Merit Based' job seekers, people with disabilities (PWDs), but suitably qualified/skilled with companies for jobs.

Our Core Values

  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Humanity
  • Diversity
  • Inclusivity
  • Commitment
  • Dignity

Our Vision

One day every person, irrespective of his/her physical challenges, should have access to employable education and dignified work opportunities, from anywhere!